About Us

Based in Kent, Washington, Pacific Cascade Mustang Club is the original Mustang club in the Puget Sound Area and we claim the honor of being the oldest Mustang club in the nation. We are a diversified car club made up of singles, couples and families. Each December/January PCMC event Coordinators schedule a wide variety of events and activities for the entire year.


Club Officers & Board Members

President: Al Dyer

Vice President: Dave Glidewell

Secretary: Mark Matthews

Treasurer: Lori Bagley

Past President: Andy Jolly

MCA Regional Representative: Chris Johnson

Tours & Events:  Margaret Peterson

Tech Advisors:  Chris Johnson & Dick Knight

Membership: Linda Hallberg

Newsletter Editor: Tiffany Dagan

Media Coordinator/Website: Elaine Hill

Archivist: Linda Hallberg

Club Store: Dave Reinhart

Bowen Scarff Ford Representative & Car Show Lead: Mark Palmore

Board Members:

2 Year: Tom Rowley

1 Year: Willi King 

Alternate: Helen Heathman

Alternate: Rick Mooney

Interested in joining us?  We’d love to have you.  Get our membership form here

Bring it to our next Monthly Meeting and we’ll get you all set up (or mail it with the dues payment to the PO box on the form).