Usb type-c。 What is 'USB Type C' and 'USB 3.1 Gen 1'?

βœ†It's really, really fast. But, that one port can do all the following β€”β€’ 0 Specification [ ] USB Audio Device Class 3. , DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA or DVI. adapters with a USB-A or USB-B plug with a USB-C receptacle are "not defined or allowed" by the specification because they can create "many invalid and potentially unsafe" cable combinations. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. But, this is still in the future. getPropertyValue "-moz-binding" "". The USB-C, or Type-C connector is user friendly. Archived from PDF on 18 February 2017. Dolby Atmos surround sound is incorporated, as is backward compatibility with existing MHL specifications. Top Speed Power direction Cable configuration Max power output Availability USB 1. Some isolation method must be used. USB Type-C pushes the power delivery even further when connecting two of the ports together, with options for 1. Again no one way is wrong, though USB Type-C is technically more accurate. Connector Detail: Connector on First End:1 x Type C Male USB Connector on Second End:1 x Type B Male Micro USBβ€’ 1 can be transmitted simultaneously when the video signal bandwidth requires two or fewer lanes. The content remains unbiased and authentic. 3 14 July 2017 , Revision History, page 14. 1, USB-C, alternate modes, and power delivery. USB-C cables can deliver Ultra-HD 4K video resolution to USB-C and HDMI displays. They do not support USB 3 backwards compatibility, only USB 2 or Thunderbolt. Rev 1. 1, USB-C, alternate modes, billboard device class, power delivery and USB Dual-Role. USB-C receptacle pin usage in different modes [ ] The diagrams below depict the pins of a USB-C socket in different use cases. Which means any end can fit your smartphone and your laptop, without you ever worrying about what goes where. It provides user readable strings with product description and user support information. While USB Type-C is the official name for the standard, mainstream usage often drops down to just USB C. 1 speeds over the Type-C connector, with 4K and 8K resolutions at up to 60fps supported on fast enough setups. 0 connector brought about the upgrade to the Type-A and Type-B and Type-B micro connectors by adding physical pins to dramatically improve speed and power delivery. The cables listed below are available to buy now here: WHAT'S BEHIND THE MOVE TO USB-C? 2 25 March 2016 , table 3β€”1, page 27. It was developed at roughly the same time as the specification. , released in 2019, is the first USB transfer protocol standard that is only available via USB-C. They are not required to negotiate Alternate Modes and only appear when negotiation fails between the host source and device sink. In the last couple of years, USB-C has gone from something we'd only see on flagships to becoming the current standard. The Future of USB-Cβ€’ Cunningham, Andrew 9 January 2015. from onwards works with USB 3. Qualcomm responded that it is possible to make fast charge solutions fit the voltage demands of USB-C and that there are no reports of problems; however, it did not address the standard compliance issue at that time. Evolution of USB connectors Recently, backwards compatible USB 3. There are primarily two types of USB-C adapters active adapters with , passive adapters without DACs and two modes of audio output from devices phones without onboard DACs that send out digital audio, phones with onboard DACs that send out analog audio. However, you may have older devices with different ports, so you'll need a handy cable to seamlessly sync your data. The USB-C connector is being widely adopted by manufacturers including Apple, Google and Microsoft. Furthermore, dual-role devices that implement may independently and dynamically swap data and power roles using the Data Role Swap or Power Role Swap processes. Not just the advantages of the ease of use and performance, but also because most major players love USB. 0 Type-C cable wiring Plug 1, USB Type-C USB Type-C cable Plug 2, USB Type-C Pin Name Wire color No Name Description 2. 5 mm audio cables and connectors. 1 cables are considered full-featured USB-C cables. released the Extensible Host Controller Interface, supporting , with release 8. So as well as being the first reversible design, USB Type-C also greatly expands the number of pins and thus its capabilities too. This is essentially a direct connection to USB digital ground. 0 differential pair, position 2, negative B6 Dp2 USB 2. The engineering specification states that an analog headset shall not use a USB-C plug instead of a 3. This new pin layout has some implications for both data transfer speeds and power delivery. See also [ ]β€’ Compatibility with audio adapters [ ] On devices that have omitted the , the USB-C port can be used to connect wired accessories such as headphones. One of the CC pins is used to perform all the negotiation. The mode, if supported, is entered when both CC pins are shorted to GND. Type: Cables - USB Cablesβ€’ These signals are used to determine the orientation of the cable, as well as to carry communications. A device with a Type-C connector does not necessarily implement USB, , or any : the Type-C connector is common to several technologies while mandating only a few of them. Because Thunderbolt can encapsulate DisplayPort data, every Thunderbolt controller can either output DisplayPort signals directly over "DisplayPort Alternative Mode" or encapsulated within Thunderbolt in "Thunderbolt Alternate Mode". With such widespread support from these market-leading manufacturers, it's only a matter of time before the new standard becomes the norm. IS USB TYPE-C THE SAME AS USB 3. 4 was published 2019-03-29β€’ 1 cable for direct device-to-host transmission of alternate data protocols. New Design Of course, the Type-C is completely redesigned to incorporate that reversible connector. 1 standard should be heralding a new age of consumer convenience. USB-C receptacle on an MSI laptop USB-C formally known as USB Type-C is a 24-pin connector system with a rotationally symmetrical. Name [ ] USB Type-C and USB-C are trademarks of USB Implementers Forum. The USB Type-C Specification 1. Overview [ ] USB-C connectors and cables connect to both hosts and devices, replacing various electrical connectors including and , HDMI, DisplayPort and 3. USB Type-C triples the pin count from USB 3. Audio Adapter Accessory Mode [ ] In this mode, all digital circuits are disconnected from the connector, and certain pins become reassigned for analog outputs or inputs. Active adapters with a built-in DAC have near-universal support for devices that output digital and analog audio, adhering to the Audio Device Class 3. USB-C to USB-C cables supporting 5A current must contain e-marker chips also marketed as E-Mark chips programmed to identify the cable and its current capabilities. added USB-C and billboard support in an update. 3 was published 2017-07-14 release date included in Rev. Universal Serial Bus Type-C Cable and Connector Specification Release 1. Rev 1. Rev 2. Tech companies the world over responded to new European regulations that called for a standard connector. 1 12Mbps Host to peripheral Type-A to Type-B 2. A look at the USB Type-C connector First, a quick history. 0 digital audio Audio Adapter Accessory Mode analog audio Moto Z2 Force, Sony Xperia XZ2, Huawei P20 Pro, LeEco, Xiaomi phones etc. Related USB-IF specifications [ ] USB Type-C Locking Connector Specification [ ] The USB Type-C Locking Connector Specification was published 2016-03-09. USB Type-C in a Glance Of course, more than anything, the new design gives a much needed relief to users who needed different type of cables for different devices. Last updated on 4 Sep, 2018 The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. The standard supports the transfer of both digital and analog audio signals over the USB port. The audio adapter may optionally include a USB-C charge-through port to allow 500 mA device charging. See also: An Alternate Mode dedicates some of the physical wires in a USB-C 3. USB IF requires for certification that security and privacy consideration and precaution has been taken and that the user has actually requested that debug test mode be performed. Most of the latest-model phones, tablets, laptops, and accessories now feature a USB Type C connection. The Belkin USB-C Cable collection has the perfect cable or adapter to bridge the gap between USB-C and existing USB devices. In this mode, all digital circuits are disconnected from the connector, and 14 underlined pins can be used to expose debug related signals e. Alternate Mode hosts and sinks can be connected with either regular full-featured USB-C cables, or with converter cables or adapters: USB 3. , starting with the 2015, supports USB 3. Existing confusion of USB and propriety ports and connectors A Quick History of USB The 2 original names for Universal Serial Bus connectors were A and B, with male and female type connectors for each. One of the CC pins is used to negotiate the mode. IEC 62680-1-3:2016 2016-08-17, edition 1. It defines the mechanical requirements for USB-C plug connectors and the guidelines for the USB-C receptacle mounting configuration to provide a standardized screw lock mechanism for USB-C connectors and cables. The SBU pins become a microphone pin MIC, and the analog ground AGND, the latter being a return path for both outputs and the microphone. For audio, the connector supports digital audio via the USB Audio Class specification, of which version 3. Chargingβ€’ 1 data speeds, and there are a number of devices out there that still only offer USB 2. For one, they were pretty large and yet fragile. x uplinks in order to allow operation of both type devices connected to it. I keep hearing USB C elsewhere, which is it? 0 Billboard Device Class is defined to communicate the details of supported Alternate Modes to the computer host OS. If two high speed links remain unused, then a USB 3. 0 Announced in June 2015 also carries or Announced in September 2016 Announced in July 2018 not yet standardized Other protocols like have been proposed. 5 mm audio adapters and USB sound cards compatibility Supported mode Specification Devices USB-C adapters with active adapters USB-C adapters without passive adapters Digital audio output Audio Device Class 3. Without any visible connectors or cables, mini and micro versions of the Type-B connector were developed to be more durable and compact for devices that fit in your pocket. Or an entire high definition feature-length movie in just 30 seconds. A mini USB cable for an external drive, a micro and full-sized USB cable for other accessories. Alternate Modes are optional; USB-C features and devices are not required to support any specific Alternate Mode. In single-lane mode, only the differential pairs closest to the CC pin are used for data transmission. USB-C cables that do not have shielded SuperSpeed pairs, sideband use pins, or additional wires for power lines can have increased cable length, up to 4 m. Monitor is displaying the PowerPoint and Word Android applications. HDMI video output using USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter The New Macbooks with USB Type-C port Apple may have lost a trick by adding just one USB Type-C port on their new Macbook, especially considering the same port will be used for charging as well as connecting any other accessory to it. List of Alternate Mode partner specifications Logo Name Date Protocol Published in September 2014 , Announced in November 2014 1. The micro-USB port came along with USB 2. Passive adapters without a built-in DAC are only compatible with devices that output analog audio, adhering to the Audio Adapter Accessory Mode specification. It defines requirements for cables and connectors. Using full-featured USB-C cables for Alternate Mode connections provides some benefits. Alternate Mode protocol support matrix for USB-C cables and adapters Mode USB 3. 5 m due to limitations of current cable technology. Reversible Connector. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops that are Power Delivery-enabled allow safe, faster charging and more power for larger devices, without the need of a separate power supply. USB-C devices may optionally provide or consume bus power currents of 1. However, there seems to be quite a bit of confusion about what these … In addition, the Type-C connector is also used by the Thunderbolt 3 standard. 1 is far ahead of the previous generation USB ports and connectors, in terms of performance. The four high-speed lanes, two side-band pins, and for dock, detachable device and permanent cable applications only two USB 2. 0, offering significantly faster data transfer. On the other hand, the Female B receptacles were designed for upstream of data. The presence of the audio accessory is signalled through the configuration channel and V CONN. IEC 62680-1-3:2018 2018-05-24, edition 3. As well as delivering data, USB Type-C is designed to power all of our gadgets and not just the portable ones. V CONN must not traverse end-to-end through the cable. Termination Resistors Required for the USB Type-C Connector β€” KBA97180β€’ 0 data pins and one configuration pin can be used for alternate mode transmission. Plugs [ ] The male connector plug has only one high-speed differential pair, and one of the CC pins is replaced by V CONN CC2 , to power electronics in the cable, and the other is used to actually carry the Configuration Channel signals. The conversion by the DAC and amplifier is done inside of the headphones or adapter, instead of on the phone. Receptacles are found on devices and adapters. And that the successor to the will also have a Type-C connector. The original USB connectors did propel the technology to a much larger audience over the years, but it did have its limitations. Bohn, Dieter 4 February 2016. In addition to the default power options, Type-C devices can be fully compatible with the specifications. 0 differential pair, position 2, positive B5 CC2 Configuration channel B4 V BUS Bus power B3 SSTXn2 SuperSpeed differential pair 3, TX, negative B2 SSTXp2 SuperSpeed differential pair 3, TX, positive B1 GND Ground returnβ€’ 2 Specification [ ] , released in September 2017, replaces the USB 3. 0 "Universal serial bus interfaces for data and power β€” Part 1-3: Common components β€” USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification"β€’ Examples of such active adapters include external and DACs that do not require special drivers, and USB-C to 3. This may result in an overvoltage on the VBUS pin. With up to 100 watts, or 3 amps of power, USB-C cables can power almost anything. t return[];if a t return c t? Not just happy to work with smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, or anything that traditionally connects via USB, USB-C is also at home across different operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, Google and more. 0 "Universal serial bus interfaces for data and power β€” Part 1-3: Common components β€” USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification" Receptacles [ ] The receptacle features four power and four ground pins, two for data though they are connected together on devices , four shielded differential pairs for data two transmit and two receive pairs , two Sideband Use SBU pins, and two Configuration Channel CC pins. References [ ]β€’ For more on this, see the section below. Item : 9SIAPMBCPF3269β€’ 2 was published 2016-03-25β€’ As many of the world's most recognized manufacturers are supporting this new technology, it is likely to be widely adopted. Later in the year, Qualcomm released Quick Charge 4 technology, which cited β€” as an advancement over previous generations β€” "USB Type-C and USB PD compliant". 1 Gen 1 up to 5 Gbpsβ€’ Some, such as , can take either role depending on what kind is detected on the other end. 5 mm jack, providing four standard analog audio connections Left, Right, Microphone, and Ground. 0 data speeds over this new connector. V BUS and GND provide 5 V up to 500 mA of current. On plug insertions, this will pull down both CC and VCONN in the plug CC1 and CC2 in the receptacle. Native DisplayPort 1. 1 Type-C cable Adapter cable or adapter Construction USB DisplayPort Thunderbolt superMHL HDMI HDMI DVI-D Component video 3. 0 was published by the USB-IF and was finalized in August 2014. Nevertheless, the MIC and AGND pins must have automatic swap capability, for two reasons: firstly, the USB-C plug may be inserted either side; secondly, there is no agreement, which shall be GND and MIC, so devices equipped with a headphone jack with microphone input must be able to perform this swap anyway. USB Charging ports should also be clearly marked with capable power wattage. Schoon, Ben 1 November 2018. All Thunderbolt 3 controllers both support "Thunderbolt Alternate Mode" and "DisplayPort Alternate Mode". At Belkin, we are proud to be a part of this pioneering move toward an environmentally sustainable, tech-friendly future. from iPad Pro 3rd generation only onwards works with USB-C. The USB Implementers Forum is working with its Alternate Mode partners to make sure that ports are properly labelled with respective logos. Archived from PDF on 16 August 2017. Low cost peripherals mostly connect via "DisplayPort Alternate Mode" while some docking stations tunnel DisplayPort over Thunderbolt. Finally, again works with USB 2. USB 3. There's no up or down orientation so it works regardless of which way you plug it in. 0 cables, as it still features the pins used for these traditional data protocols. 0 differential pair, position 1, negative A8 SBU1 Sideband use SBU A9 V BUS Bus power A10 SSRXn2 SuperSpeed differential pair 4, RX, negative A11 SSRXp2 SuperSpeed differential pair 4, RX, positive A12 GND Ground return USB-C receptacle B pin layout Pin Name Description B12 GND Ground return B11 SSRXp1 SuperSpeed differential pair 2, RX, positive B10 SSRXn1 SuperSpeed differential pair 2, RX, negative B9 V BUS Bus power B8 SBU2 Sideband use SBU B7 Dn2 USB 2. 83m Technical detailsColour of productBlackPackaging dataQuantity per pack1Other featuresColour of productBlackβ€’ SBU1, SBU2 provide an additional lower speed link. It is transparent to any data transmission mode, and can therefore be used together with any of them as long as the CC pins are not clobbered. Now that's a real game changer. Hruska, Joel 13 March 2015. Using these cables would have a potential consequence of damaging devices that they are connected to. USB Type-C Port Controller Interface Specification [ ] The USB Type-C Port Controller Interface Specification was published 2017-10-01. 0 A at 5 V in addition to baseline bus power provision; power sources can either advertise increased USB current through the configuration channel, or they can implement the full USB Power Delivery specification using both BMC-coded configuration line and legacy -coded V BUS line. VESA - Interface Standards for The Display Industry. Phone reviewers are now disappointed if a new smartphone comes with a micro-USB port, … As you probably spotted on the diagram above, USB Type-C is backward compatible with USB 3. 0 dramatically increasing speeds when it was launched. That's 4 times the resolution of standard high definition. 1, USB-C, alternate modes, power delivery, and USB Dual-Role support. From laptops to large high-resolution monitors, even some printers. 0 cables and ports boasting an extra high-speed data lane. Specifications [ ] USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification [ ] The USB Type-C specification 1. WHY IS USB-C BETTER THAN EXISTING USB CABLES? You can even share power between USB PD devices. All USB-C cables must be able to carry a minimum of 3 A current at 20 V, 60 W but can also carry high-power 5 A current at 20 V, 100 W. Take the example of the new Macbook that was released by Apple. t throw new ReferenceError "this hasn't been initialised - super hasn't been called" ;return! 5 m Alternate Mode USB-C ports can be interconnected with standard passive full-featured USB Type-C cables. Contentsβ€’ The conversion by the DAC and amplifier is done on the phone; the headphones or adapter simply passthrough the signal. USB-C devices [ ] An increasing number of motherboards, notebooks, tablet computers, smartphones, hard disk drives, and other devices released from 2014 onwards feature USB-C receptacles. USB-C port receptacle on a The 24-pin double-sided connector is slightly larger than the , with a USB-C port measuring 8. The adapters for video Alt Modes may allow conversion from native video stream to other video interface standards e. V BUS and GND provide 5 V up to 900 mA, in accordance with the USB 3. 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