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😍"], ["Why did the student eat his homework? They must be felt with the heart. jpg", "Desktop-x-x iPad-x-x iPhone-x-x AndroidFst-x-x A! ", "So they an tell which witch is which! "], ["How do you stop a skunk from smelling? PATRICK'S DAY"; todaysDateEmoji1. jpg", "Desktop-x-x NFIPMI iPad-x-x iPhone-x-x A! removeEventListener "click", showReactionTest ; reactionTestA. "], ["What do you call a sleeping dinosaur? It might just be having a bad day, or it might be that it's a little too old to run some games. ", "MEER SPELLEN", "Meer grappige spellen op:", "LADEN. What are the newest Friv Games? ", "MAIS JOGOS", "Mais jogos divertidos em:", "CARREGANDO. ", "MORE GAMES", "More funny games at:", "LOADING. "], ["Why did Cinderella get kicked out of the hockey team? ", "The human brain has 100 billion neurons connected together with 100 trillion paths. Here you can get acquainted with the most popular choices of online game players throughout the whole world. We'll never interrupt your game or nag you to pay for anything. There is a lot of wholesome material here, and each game has been checked to ensure that its content is appropriate for all children of compulsory schooling age. A really HUGE thank you to all the amazing hobby game devs who have crafted these beautiful gems. createElement 'style' ; if style. "], ["What do you call a person with trifle in their ears? ", "Walt Disney"], ["Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. ", "PERMAINAN LAINNYA", "Permainan lucu lainnya di:", "PENGISIAN. ", "In ten minutes, a hurricane releases more energy than all the world's nuclear weapons combined. ", "Because his teacher told him it was a piece of cake! Teachers may use this marking to guide them as to which games may be of most benefit, or to instruct children that they may play any games bordered in pale yellow. ", "The longest word in the English language is: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis 45 letters although many people find Antidisestablishmentarianism 28 letters easier to slip into everyday conversation. ", "MAIS JOGOS", "Mais jogos divertidos em:", "A CARREGAR. Friv 1234 game β€” are you interested in a handcuffed spine against a spider man? ", "Hmm, ini mungkin satu pasangan! "], ["What do you call a policeman who can't get out of bed in the morning? "], ["Why do giraffes have long necks? ", "Hmm, ini bisa merupakan pasangan! com Basketball, unwind and enjoy finding the best Basketball Friv. ", "Eleanor Roosevelt"], ["A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. ", "OPNIEUW", "VOER JE NAAM IN", "VUL EEN ANDERE NAAM IN", "Jullie passen niet echt goed bij elkaar. ", "Helen Keller"], ["Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. ", "Because inside there might be a salad dressing! ", "Hmm, questo potrebbe essere un'affiatamento! ", "A whip can make a 'sonic boom' cracking sound because its tip moves faster than the speed of sound. Washington"], ["No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. ", "You never see rabbits wearing glasses! ", "Anne Frank"], ["Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. Pumpkins however originated in Mexico. Friv Games Friv 5 is an online gaming website, where you can find lots of games created by various developers on different languages. com Basketball, provides a vaste selection of Basketball Friv. "; break; case "halloween": frivolousFact. ", "The whistle of the blue whale is the loudest sound made by any animal. "], ["What do you call a shoe made out of a banana? "], ["What do you call a train made out of bubblegum? ", "Strawberries are the only fruit to have their seeds on the outside. addEventListener "click", addExtraGames ; games. The boy jumps in the only round, knocking on himself who knocked out his opponent. removeEventListener "click", showReactionTest ; reactionTestB. ", "A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a four foot tall child inside. ", rex, "Look around this 2D image. ", "'Almost' is the longest commonly used word in the English language with all the letters in alphabetical order. Can you find which route A, B, C or D is the right one? ", rex, "Do the horizontal lines look straight to you? First choose the friv game, which you want to enjoy. "], ["Why was the picture sent to jail? "], ["Why did the scarecrow win an award? ", "Kasih sayang di awang-awangan! "], ["What did the doctor say to the sick piano? ", "Wayne Gretzky"], ["The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. "; break; case "christmasDay": frivolousFact. length - 1 return str; return str. ", "Maya Angelou"], ["A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. That's 100,000,000,000,000 connections in your head! The algorithm to start playing games is very easy. "], ["What did the German policeman say to his chest? ", "A male emperor moth can detect and find a female of his species a mile away. ", rex, "This is an impossible cube! ", "Only in 2007 did Italian become the official language of Italy. getElementsByName 'firstName' [0]. The stripes are like fingerprints and no two tigers have the same pattern. ", "Jane Austen"], ["There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. Our goal is as first kill a king, and then in a role of the king will not to be murdered by another candidate for the throne. ", rex, "This walkway is completely flat. ", "Dit is ware liefde, jullie zijn een sprookje! "], ["What do you get if you cross a pig and a pine tree? ", "Any dog, because skyscrapers can't jump! "], ["What do you get get when a gang of robbers jumps into a swimming pool? ", "Milton Berle"], ["Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. ", "Because they spend all their time in schools! If you aim to play the specific game, just enter its name in the search field. "], ["Why do bees have sticky hair? getElementsByClassName "loveTesterInput" ; x[0]. The next time you would be subtracting 10 from 90! "], ["Love isn't something you find. ", "Because they use honeycombs! ", "Crocodiles swallow stones to help them dive deeper. ", "MERH SPIELE", "Mehr lustige Spiele auf:", "WIRD GELADEN. "], ["What do you call a teacher with no arms, no legs and no body? ", "TRY AGAIN", "ENTER YOUR NAME", "ENTER ANOTHER NAME", "Hmmm. floor gameThumbContainerElements. Play the friv games anywhere you want, even when you are far away from your home. If you're interested in how it works, the algorithm assigns a numerical value to the letters in each name, and adds them all together. png", "Desktop-x-x iPad-x-x NFIPMI iPhone-x-x A! "], ["What breed of dog can jump higher than a skyscraper? ", "Jullie vinden elkaar leuk, maar misschien gewoon als vrienden? toLowerCase to sort function to allow for accurate alphabetical sorting. addEventListener "click", showLoveInfo ; if reduceBoxes! "], ["Why do witches wear name badges? "], ["When is it bad luck to see a black cat? "], ["What do you call a pig that does karate? ", "Hippos kill more people in Africa than crocodiles. ", "I'll get it sorted, just let me make some notes! ", "NOCHMAL PROBIEREN", "BITTE GIB DEINEN NAMEN EIN", "GIB EINEN WEITEREN NAMEN EIN", "Ihr passt nicht wirklich gut zueinander. ", "Because he was outstanding in his field! addEventListener "focus", scrollLoveTest ; firstNameBox. ", rex, "Why were these houses built crooked? Claus shout up to Santa when she saw him passing overhead? The online gaming industry is constantly growing with hundreds of new developers monthly. And we care about your convenience and quality of your time-spending. Does the one on the right seem to lean more? ", "Confucius"], ["Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. ""], ["Why can't pirates play cards? You are welcome to play the games not only at your home through the computer, but also using your smartphone or other devices. Pasangan ini diciptakan di surga! png", "Desktop-x-x iPad-x-x NFIPMI iPhone-x-x AndroidFst-x-x A! "], ["Why did the frog take the bus to work? "], ["What is a skeleton's favourite musical instrument? A safe place to play the very best free Friv 2019! ", "Months that begin on a Sunday will always have a 'Friday the 13th'. "], ["What do you call a sleeping bull on a building site? This site is made and maintained as a kindness to children worldwide. "], ["Why can't you trust the law of gravity? It's almost always the best browser for games. ", rex, "How are these people walking in mid-air? By the way, remember the names of combinators, and do not forget about protecting your hands, but the counter-attack is very fast. To przeznaczenie zapisane w niebie! Teachers and parents can click anywhere here for more information. Welcome to Friv4School - a safe place to play! The game Murder will show us few of them. Pico8 and Tic-80 games are made for love, not money. esktop-x-x iPad-x-x iPhone-x-x A! Nowadays games have evolved to be not only just for fun, but also for the comprehensive development of the kids. ", "Aesop"], ["Whoever is happy will make others happy too. Play and download single and multiplayer games from a wide selection of Friv, Friv4school and puzzle games! At 188 decibels, it is louder than the average jet aircraft. Here you will find games and other activities for use in the classroom or at home. isInteger parseInt games[i][0]. Google our website and click any game to start playing. ", "Thomas Edison"], ["Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. ", "Theodore Roosevelt"], ["If you don't make mistakes, you're not working on hard enough problems. "], ["How do you make a tissue dance? ", ""Between you and me, something smells! This is a match made in heaven! ", "A fly always jumps backwards for a quick getaway when you try to hit it. "], ["Why are pirates called pirates? ", "Elbert Hubbard"], ["We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving. ", rex, "This is a trick image. "], ["What do you call a bear with no teeth? ", "Hmm, jullie passen goed bij elkaar! The list of them is as follows:β€’ The truck driver has to go on a one-week trip, but gives the lady seven apples before he leaves. ", "Feeding canaries with a diet of red peppers turns them orange. Look at these two chocolate treats. Any violence or threats to characters is very mild and of a cartoon nature. Maybe keep it as just friends? Our collection of games is so great, that everyone can choose something he likes. ", "The ancient Mesopotamians invented mathematics, astronomy, writing, architecture, libraries, archeology and museums. There is particular emphasis placed on games requiring learning and problem solving to progress through them - indeed you will find all 'puzzle' games bordered in pale yellow. These games should NEVER be commercialised. ", "The normal bed and duvet can be home to as many as ten million dust mites. ", "Carl Bard"], ["Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. The only things you need are the internet connection and a device to play. Jullie zijn voor elkaar gemaakt! In this website, Friv 2000, relax and enjoy discovering the top Friv2000 games online. "; break; case "aprilFoolsDay": frivolousFact. ", "The human body uses three hundred muscles to balance itself when standing still. "; break; case "boxingDay": frivolousFact. ", "Albert Einstein"] ]; famousQuote. ", "He just needed a little space! "], ["Why are football stadiums so windy? "], ["What kind of storm is always in a rush? The first one is done for you. In this website, Friv 2000, relax and enjoy discovering the top Friv2000 games online. esktop-x-x iPad-x-x iPhone-x-x AndroidFst-x-x A! "], ["Did you hear about the mathematician who hated negative numbers? Maybe this isn't the best match. getElementById "copyrightYear". Play the latest online games on Friv 2019 games. Later, roads were put in to connect the restaurants up. "], ["Why can't you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom? Take this test daily to improve your score. png", "Desktop-x-x iPad-x-x iPhone-x-x A! ", "They don't know which bats to use! "; break; case "friday13th": frivolousFact. Do not forget to bookmark our page and you will never ask yourself what you should play right now again. Therefore, to remain one of the leaders in the industry the gaming site needs to provide new features to its users constantly. Walk beside me and be my friend. getElementsByName 'secondName' [0]. removeEventListener "click", startReactionTest ; reactionTestA. ", "Giant Sequoia trees are the heaviest living things to have existed on Earth; they can weigh more than 6,000 tons. "], ["Why was the girl sitting on her watch? Davis"], ["Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see. jpg", "Desktop-x-x", "Landscape Action Platform Shooting NFS Extra", "2019-08-15", 0, 0, 0, 0], ["Fish! ", "Because it wanted to be a Smartie! This category of games will help you to experience all the crazy emotions, which one feels while driving at incredible speed. ", "The British Royal Family give presents to each other on Christmas Eve. ", "Because it will always let you down! Check with your finger or a ruler. "], ["Why did the custard cream biscuit go to the dentist? Friv 5, Friv 2019, Friv 2017, Friv 2018, Friv Games, Friv4school 2018, Friv4school, Friv2018, Friv2019 online games! addEventListener "click", resetLoveTester ; tweetLoveTestButton. ", "Y a de l'amour dans l'air! com Zombies, provides a vaste selection of Zombies Friv. ", rex, "What lies hidden beneath this walkway? ", "There are more chickens in the world than people. There are no ads here and there never will be. Right now there are over 100 unique users on Friv. "], ["What did the left eye say to the right eye? ", "He'd stop at nothing to avoid them! ", "Indira Gandhi"], ["We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.。






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